Our Heritage

We are very grateful that the Lord burdened Pastor Derrick Goette and his wife Karin to come to Vancouver and start Harvest Baptist Church in November 1996. Their many years of training that they received from their home church, Fairfax Baptist Temple, in Fairfax, Virginia under Pastor Bud Calvert, along with the vast experience they gained while being missionaries in the Philippines for almost nine years, has greatly aided them in establishing Harvest Baptist Church.

As we look back on those beginning days, meeting in a home with a small group of believers, we marvel at how wonderful the Lord has been to us. God has graciously provided spacious facilities for us to meet in, where we can worship the Lord and grow as a church family.

Today our church provides solid, spiritually based training in God’s Word for all ages. Our adults, under the leadership of Pastor Goette are seeing their lives develop with a strong Bible centered faith establishing them in the grace of God.

We praise the LORD for the wonderful work He is doing in the lives of our teenagers. We are blessed to have Chardon Canonayon as our youth leader. Chardon was a former member of Harvest Baptist Church Youth Group who followed God’s leading to Bible College and eventually be in the ministry. Our young people are being challenged to establish godly convictions in their lives that will encourage them to make wise decisions, that will bring peace to their hearts and honour to God.

The Lord has been very gracious to us, as we have seen Harvest Baptist Church grow over the years, developing in the grace of God, with a strong Bible centered faith.