Harvest Baptist Church provides various ministries and programs for all ages and stages of life.

Music Ministry

While the preaching of the Word of God is preeminent in our church services, music has been divinely ordained and chosen by God to be a tool that invites His power and presence into our lives. The right kind of music is a mode of communication that prepares our hearts, softens our spirit, and makes us ready to hear and respond to God’s truth.

“Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise in the congregation of saints.” (Psalm 149:1)

At Harvest Baptist Church, our music seeks to exalt the name of Jesus in a conservative, God-honouring way. We desire to please God in our music rather than please men with excellence. We believe that we can only bring true worship to God through a submissive and surrendered heart to Him.

For more information on our music ministry or to join the choir or orchestra, please contact brother Karl K.

Discipleship Ministry

The goal of Christianity is Christ-likeness. God’s desire for every person is for them to be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. This transformation begins when a person receives Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. However, this life-changing journey doesn’t end there.

This is where discipleship comes in. The Discipleship Ministry of Harvest Baptist Church is designed to help individual people understand who God is and how their life is an intricate part of God’s plan. This is accomplished through a one-on-one Bible and curriculum study between a discipler (mentor) and a disciple (student). As they study the Bible together, each person has the opportunity to grow in their faith, in their convictions, and in their character.


Combined Sunday School

This class seeks to involve men and ladies through fellowship, spiritual growth and encouragement. The teaching of the Word of God is the main focus of this ministry. Pastor Derrick Goette teaches this class in a more relaxed atmosphere, interact with students, hearing questions from the crowd and giving Biblical answers. It is very informative, uplifting and practical for adults, married or unmarried. Many decisions have been made through this class to make Jesus Christ the center of individual lives and homes. This class meets every Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Ladies Fellowships

Harvest Baptist Church ladies meet every few months in different homes and places, usually on a Saturday. This is a perfect avenue for them to challenge each other in the ways of God. The Bible tells us, “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” Proverbs 27:17. As ladies of the church need some time to unwind, some place to get together and share blessings, play games, have a good laugh, sing songs, and pray together, all to the glory of God. For more information and to join a ladies fellowship, please contact Esther K.

Homebound Ministry

At Homebound ministry, we seek to encourage members who are sick, depressed, and those who gave up or about to give up on the Christian life. Our team makes sure that every member who missed church is not forgotten. HBC members are important and we would like to let them know that we care and pray for them regularly. We strive to follow up on absentee members on weekly and monthly bases. Encouragement can go a long ways and can make a difference in someone’s life. The Bible says, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” Heb. 10:25. To get involved in this ministry of exhortation, please contact Karl K.



Our College & Career Ministry, also known as Impact is a ministry that focuses on single adults. In this stage of life, many questions that determine one’s future are asked and considered. Impact is built to help single adults find answers to their questions. The key advantage that separates this group from many other groups is the Biblical foundation and support provided. Through a weekly class, one on one discipleship, and Bible studies, members and visitors are encouraged to study and apply Biblical principles that will help better their lives in all aspects.

But that’s not all. The C&C ministry also provides a great environment to build friendships and enjoy times of fellowship. This ministry has a great reputation for exciting activities throughout the year. We simply want to invite others to experience the abundant, victorious, and satisfying life found in Jesus Christ.


Anchored In Christ

The Youth ministry, also known as Anchored in Christ, is one of the most active ministries of Harvest Baptist Church. The purpose of this ministry is threefold:

First, it’s a time for teenagers to learn basic Biblical truths that will help them become the man or woman God wants them to be.

Second, it’s an opportunity for them to meet and fellowship around good friends. Life-long friends and godly memories will be made during these activities where they do not need to pretend to be someone else to be accepted.

Lastly, this is an opportunity for teens to be away from the influence of this world. We believe in having high standards, godly environment, and a Christ-honouring presence.

Join us in our youth activities as we strive to grow in God’s grace.


At Harvest Baptist Church, we treasure and value the children that we have. We understand that their early years are significant to the moulding of their character, their beliefs, and their potential. As a result, we take seriously the Biblical responsibility of teaching our children the Bible principles of our Christian faith. Along with Bible lessons, we provide the children a variety of games, activities, crafts, songs, and snacks that they enjoy.

Nursery (Ages 0–2 years)

With welcoming smiles from our nursery workers, your babies will surely stay comfortable and safe.

Pre-School and Kindergarten (Ages 3–6 years)

Your children will learn through interactive and age-appropriate lessons, rhymes or songs with hand motions, colourful illustrations and kid-friendly story pictures that would capture their attention. Sunday school has never been this fun!

Primary (Grades 1–2)

Guide students through the learning experience with an interactive Bible story, memory work, and engaging application activities. Your child will have a great time learning about their faith!

Juniors (Grades 3–6)

Continue to learn the Bible, as well as character traits that will benefit their lives. Children will continue to learn through the Junior Church services that are full of excitement and much more!

Extra Mile Club

The Extra Mile Club is an extension of Harvest Baptist Church’s Children’s Ministry. The EMC, which is for children from 1st through 6th grade, meets during the afternoon service on Sundays at 2:00 PM. It’s an extra fun, exciting, helpful, and memorable hour for the children.



Soulwinning is one of the key ministry of Harvest Baptist Church as we believe that it is God’s command to us. Every week many of our church members participate in this outreach ministry as we invite people to attend our services and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community. Each meeting consists with a challenge from God’s Word and then partnering up with an experienced Christian to go out and reach our community for Jesus Christ.

Nursing Home Ministry

Here at Harvest Baptist Church, we deeply respect our elderly. We are commanded to honor them (Lev. 19:32). As such, the Nursing Home Ministry is an avenue where we can show our love and support to our seniors in the community. We conduct bi-weekly services to different nursing homes around our area to encourage them with godly music, enlighten them with the word of God, and to cheer them up with our visits. To know more about this ministry and get involved, please contact brother Fred A.

Bible Clubs

The unique Bible Club ministry of Harvest Baptist Church is a great open door that God has given to us. We have the privilege to minister and open God’s Word to public school kids. We have had a number of the young people from the Bible Clubs join us in our youth activities and attend the church. And some of them have also accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. God’s desire is still to seek and to save those who are lost and the Bible Club ministry is one of the tools we are using to accomplish that task.